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Design15 To-Do's

Design Life-Cycle of a Jira Issue

This checklist covers the steps to follow when designing for an ongoing project. The checklist for starting out to a new design project can be found in the design category.

Hiring Process

Make sure that the documents of the employee who will start work are complete and ensure that they are protected

Orientation Programme

Follow the programme to quickly adapt the employee to the Atolye15 culture and own position.

Marketing8 To-Do's

Writing a Case Study

The checklist we abide by when we write a case study about a new project.

General4 To-Do's

Arrange an Internal Meetup

Steps before arranging an internal meetup

Design7 To-Do's

Creating Color Palette(s)

One of the essentials of every UI style guide is the color palette(s). There are certain things you need to follow in order to create more scalable UIs.

Design7 To-Do's

Creating Interactive Prototypes

Creating interactive prototypes is an important step in the product design process. Use this checklist to make sure you cover the basics of creating them!

Newcomer Accounts Checklist

The accounts and invitations we need to provide for the newcomers.

General7 To-Do's

Password Generation Rules

These are the rules you need to follow when you generate any kind of password

Marketing5 To-Do's

Posting on Social Media

The guideline we follow when we post on our social media accounts. This checklist is important to understand our culture and our posting tips and tricks.

Marketing4 To-Do's

Preparation of a Case Study

The marketing to-do's we complete to come up with a new case study.

Production Release Checklist

Welcome on board! Follow the checklist for the last controls before countdown to go live your project. 🚀

Recruitment Process

Follow these steps to find the right candidate. It helps to understand the candidate's technical capabilities and their profile

Mobile7 To-Do's

Stage A Mobile App

Follow these steps while staging a mobile application.

Back-End8 To-Do's

Symfony Release Checklist

The list of the To-do's we have complete right before the deploy our application to stage or live 🚀

Back-End7 To-Do's

Setting Up a New Symfony Project from Scratch

Steps we follow when starting a new project with Symfony. We recommend you to commit your changes in VCS you use after each step. Every To-do title can be a commit message for you.