There are 63 of them and counting!

Testing Mobile Update

Before releasing mobile application, you should test it in different cases. Here are the methods of it!

Production Release Checklist

Welcome on board! Follow the checklist for the last controls before countdown to go live your project. 🚀

General7 To-Do's

Password Generation Rules

These are the rules you need to follow when you generate any kind of password

Board Settings on Jira

Follow this checklist to not to get lost on the board

Creating Classic Project on Jira

Here you can find how we create a classic scrum project on Jira.

Front-End7 To-Do's

Setting up Meta Tags

The meta tags need to be defined on all projects.

General5 To-Do's

Brewing Espresso

Checklist we follow for brewing amazing espressos ☕

Design6 To-Do's

Design Handoff

A good handoff makes development process smoother. Well, at least for the beginning... This checklist makes sure that we don't miss anything on the handoff.

General13 To-Do's

Checklist Checklist

The naming conventions, rules to follow and things to remember before suggesting a checklist.

General4 To-Do's

Improvement Checklist

Do you think you have a better way of doing a checklist? Go ahead and let us know!

Design4 To-Do's

Designing a 404 Page

Stuff you should definitely follow when you designing a 404 page.

Marketing6 To-Do's

Organizing Atolye15 Talks

The action plan we need to take when organizing in-house meetups.

Marketing6 To-Do's

Organizing Intern Bootcamps

The marketing to-do's when planning the intern bootcamps.

Marketing3 To-Do's

Updating our profile on Clutch

Clutch is a platform we display our company and these are the actions we take after we deliver a project, and they are applicable to any other platform besides Clutch.

Cross-Browser Test

Complete the cross-browser test to check if your project works correctly in different types of devices and browsers.