There are 4 of them and counting!
Back-End5 To-Do's

Configure PHP CS Fixer

Sometimes, we mess up the basic rules of code style. So we need a friend to cover our back! With PHP we are using PHP CS Fixer by to configure it we follow the steps below.

Back-End8 To-Do's

Configuring a CI Flow of a PHP Project

CI Flow we commonly use in our PHP projects. We usually use CircleCI for run our checks. You can rearrange the orders of the to-do's, we usually follow them this way.

Back-End8 To-Do's

Symfony Release Checklist

The list of the To-do's we have complete right before the deploy our application to stage or live 🚀

Back-End7 To-Do's

Setting Up a New Symfony Project from Scratch

Steps we follow when starting a new project with Symfony. We recommend you to commit your changes in VCS you use after each step. Every To-do title can be a commit message for you.