There are 63 of them and counting!
General17 To-Do's

Featured checklistA Remote Day of Atolye15

You don't know what to do when working remotely? Just follow this checklist and look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East 🧙‍♂️

General15 To-Do's

Featured checklistCreate Your Own Checklist Project

Do you want to create your own Checklist project? Follow the steps 🤝

Front-End18 To-Do's

Html Head Tag Checklist

Html head tag checklist based on

Bug Reporting

The protocol we follow when we report a bug. This checklist is vital for assignee to understand the problem and reproduce it.

Back-End5 To-Do's

Configure PHP CS Fixer

Sometimes, we mess up the basic rules of code style. So we need a friend to cover our back! With PHP we are using PHP CS Fixer by to configure it we follow the steps below.

DevOps9 To-Do's

Branch Settings on GitHub

Branch settings you should make when you create a new repository on GitHub

Back-End8 To-Do's

Configuring a CI Flow of a PHP Project

CI Flow we commonly use in our PHP projects. We usually use CircleCI for run our checks. You can rearrange the orders of the to-do's, we usually follow them this way.

Design7 To-Do's

Essentials of UI Style Guide

After wireframing there comes the UI design and every UI needs a style guide. Essential checklist for Essentials of UI Style Guide, be sure to have these on your style guide!

Marketing6 To-Do's

Marketing Sprint for Projects

The steps we follow after each and every project goes live. We have an additional marketing sprint for the projects in which we follow below-mentioned steps to cover our to-do's.

DevOps7 To-Do's

Setup a CircleCI Workflow

Steps to configure a CircleCI workflow

General30 To-Do's

WOSPM Checklist

A checklist by WOSPM organization for project owners to measure their open source project if it is a welcoming project or not. The checklist is created based on the Open Source Guides.

General8 To-Do's

Announcing a Project

When a project goes live there is only one checklist left, announcing checklist! 📣 One last checklist before announcing a project.

General3 To-Do's

Applying to Algolia for Open Source Projects

You can follow these steps if you want to apply Algolia's open-source program

General4 To-Do's

Applying to Netlify for Open Source Projects

You can follow these steps if you want to apply Netlify's open-source program

Front-End4 To-Do's

Configure ESLint

Since we already have various ESLint packages you only need to follow just a few steps from this checklist.

Front-End4 To-Do's

Configure Stylelint

Since we already have Stylelint config you only need to follow just a few steps from this checklist.