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Atolye15 Checklist

We love to automate anything if it can be automated. For the things we can’t automate (yet) we have a protocol. These protocols standardise our workflow so that everyone in Atolye15 works on a standard.

We have been designing, developing & managing projects that vary in size for over 10 years now. Working on a different scale projects brought us some priceless experiences that led us to a greater success on the following projects. We updated our workflow, the way we work, even the hours we work. We try to adapt to the ongoing growth on technology and we are always on track with keeping our protocols updated.

This was an internal tool that we still use on every department but we’ve decided to share this with the community so that we can help each other out, please feel free to suggest a checklist or an improvement on a checklist (on its own page). We will consider every suggestion and implement the ones that we think fits our needs and the way we work.


Check out these checklists before you go!

We have developed a protocol for anyone to suggest a checklist. We told you we have a protocol for almost everything! 🚀
General13 To-Do's

Checklist Checklist

The naming conventions, rules to follow and things to remember before suggesting a checklist.

General4 To-Do's

Improvement Checklist

Do you think you have a better way of doing a checklist? Go ahead and let us know!