There are 8 of them and counting!

Bug Reporting

The protocol we follow when we report a bug. This checklist is vital for assignee to understand the problem and reproduce it.

DevOps11 To-Do's

CircleCI & Jira Integration

CircleCI and Jira integration to send build status of each issue to Jira

Writing a Story on Jira

Hey storyteller! 🤓 Follow this checklist to don't miss any point while writing a story.

General13 To-Do's

Coding Life-Cycle of a Jira issue

Atolye15 has some protocols to follow prior to coding, in progress and afterwards of coding as well.

Creating Next-Gen project on Jira

Here you can find how we create a next-gen project on Jira. Good news! All users can create a next-gen project, even non-admins. 🤓

Design15 To-Do's

Design Life-Cycle of a Jira Issue

This checklist covers the steps to follow when designing for an ongoing project. The checklist for starting out to a new design project can be found in the design category.

Board Settings on Jira

Follow this checklist to not to get lost on the board

Creating Classic Project on Jira

Here you can find how we create a classic scrum project on Jira.