We love to automate things and have also checklists for that.
DevOps9 To-Do's

Branch Settings on GitHub

Branch settings you should make when you create a new repository on GitHub

DevOps7 To-Do's

Setup a CircleCI Workflow

Steps to configure a CircleCI workflow

DevOps6 To-Do's

CircleCI & Codecov Integration

CircleCI and Codecov integration to track test coverage on our projects

DevOps11 To-Do's

CircleCI & Jira Integration

CircleCI and Jira integration to send build status of each issue to Jira

Checklist Categories


14 Checklists

There are some checklists which are hard to categorize. Let’s just call them generals.

Project Management

10 Checklists

They manage the team and act as a bridge between designers, developers and frankly, everyone, with the additional help of these checklists.


9 Checklists

These checklists ensure that we have standardized both visual design and user experience design principles.


9 Checklists

We keep it simple and smart, and these are our checklists mainly used by our front-end developers.


7 Checklists

Our marketing checklist is to help supporting our good work by its communication, and has everything marketing team uses for our marketing efforts.


4 Checklists

Server related, data-driven and API based checklists that help making our products of hard work stay steady.

Human Resources

4 Checklists

Cabin crew, slides armed and cross check! Here are the checklists to make sure everyone in the crew is happy.


2 Checklists

Connecting people by covering all the processes from mobile development to roll-out the application.