Project Management (10)

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They manage the team and act as a bridge between designers, developers and frankly, everyone, with the additional help of these checklists.

Bug Reporting

The protocol we follow when we report a bug. This checklist is vital for assignee to understand the problem and reproduce it.

Daily Scrum Meeting

Go agile! πŸš€ Daily Scrum Meetings are like a good-brewed coffee, don't forget it when you start a new work-day.

Writing a Story on Jira

Hey storyteller! πŸ€“ Follow this checklist to don't miss any point while writing a story.

Creating Next-Gen project on Jira

Here you can find how we create a next-gen project on Jira. Good news! All users can create a next-gen project, even non-admins. πŸ€“

Testing Push Notification

Push notifications are vital for mobile applications, and you need to test them carefully. This checklist will help you to cover all cases.

Testing Mobile Update

Before releasing mobile application, you should test it in different cases. Here are the methods of it!

Production Release Checklist

Welcome on board! Follow the checklist for the last controls before countdown to go live your project. πŸš€

Board Settings on Jira

Follow this checklist to not to get lost on the board

Creating Classic Project on Jira

Here you can find how we create a classic scrum project on Jira.

Cross-Browser Test

Complete the cross-browser test to check if your project works correctly in different types of devices and browsers.

Checklist Categories


14 Checklists

There are some checklists which are hard to categorize. Let’s just call them generals.


9 Checklists

These checklists ensure that we have standardized both visual design and user experience design principles.


9 Checklists

We keep it simple and smart, and these are our checklists mainly used by our front-end developers.


7 Checklists

Our marketing checklist is to help supporting our good work by its communication, and has everything marketing team uses for our marketing efforts.


4 Checklists

Server related, data-driven and API based checklists that help making our products of hard work stay steady.


4 Checklists

We love to automate things and have also checklists for that.

Human Resources

4 Checklists

Cabin crew, slides armed and cross check! Here are the checklists to make sure everyone in the crew is happy.


2 Checklists

Connecting people by covering all the processes from mobile development to roll-out the application.