There are 63 of them and counting!
Mobile3 To-Do's

Create a New React-Native Project

Since we already have crna-recipe you only need to follow just a few steps from this checklist.

Front-End3 To-Do's

Create a New React Project

Since we already have cra-recipe you only need to follow just a few steps from this checklist.

Design8 To-Do's

Designing a Card Component

One of the most needed elements of almost every UI is card components, there are some to-do's to follow for our standards.

Design9 To-Do's

Designing a Button Theme

Adding a button to a project is tricky, this checklist covers essential states of any button should have.

General14 To-Do's

Launching an Open-Source Project

Do you have an open-source project? Follow these steps before launch

DevOps6 To-Do's

CircleCI & Codecov Integration

CircleCI and Codecov integration to track test coverage on our projects

DevOps11 To-Do's

CircleCI & Jira Integration

CircleCI and Jira integration to send build status of each issue to Jira

Daily Scrum Meeting

Go agile! 🚀 Daily Scrum Meetings are like a good-brewed coffee, don't forget it when you start a new work-day.

Writing a Story on Jira

Hey storyteller! 🤓 Follow this checklist to don't miss any point while writing a story.

Front-End4 To-Do's

Adding Fonts to the WSK

Here is the checklist that we follow to import fonts to our projects.

Front-End9 To-Do's

Setting Up a New WSK Project

Steps we follow to make WSK's initial setup ready when we start a new project. This checklist also covers how to import and start to use scss-starter with WSK.

Front-End7 To-Do's

Web Accessibility

The checklist for front-end developers to make sure their website is accessible for everyone!

Front-End8 To-Do's

Adding Vector Icons to Web Projects

These are the steps of how to add vector icons correctly to a web project assumed that the project is utilizing SVG sprite.

General13 To-Do's

Coding Life-Cycle of a Jira issue

Atolye15 has some protocols to follow prior to coding, in progress and afterwards of coding as well.

Creating Next-Gen project on Jira

Here you can find how we create a next-gen project on Jira. Good news! All users can create a next-gen project, even non-admins. 🤓

Design8 To-Do's

Creating UI Illustrations

The steps that should be followed by the designer for creating an illustration to a project.