There are some checklists which are hard to categorize. Let’s just call them generals.
General30 To-Do's

WOSPM Checklist

A checklist by WOSPM organization for project owners to measure their open source project if it is a welcoming project or not. The checklist is created based on the Open Source Guides.

General8 To-Do's

Announcing a Project

When a project goes live there is only one checklist left, announcing checklist! 📣 One last checklist before announcing a project.

General3 To-Do's

Applying to Algolia for Open Source Projects

You can follow these steps if you want to apply Algolia's open-source program

General4 To-Do's

Applying to Netlify for Open Source Projects

You can follow these steps if you want to apply Netlify's open-source program

General14 To-Do's

Launching an Open-Source Project

Do you have an open-source project? Follow these steps before launch

General17 To-Do's

Featured checklistA Remote Day of Atolye15

You don't know what to do when working remotely? Just follow this checklist and look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East 🧙‍♂️

General15 To-Do's

Featured checklistCreate Your Own Checklist Project

Do you want to create your own Checklist project? Follow the steps 🤝

General13 To-Do's

Coding Life-Cycle of a Jira issue

Atolye15 has some protocols to follow prior to coding, in progress and afterwards of coding as well.

General6 To-Do's

Daily CRM Reporting Checklist

We request the worklog from the team at the end of every day. So that, we can follow our performance (man/day) in each project and we call it "CRM". Follow the steps for the perfect CRM sharing!

General4 To-Do's

Arrange an Internal Meetup

Steps before arranging an internal meetup

General7 To-Do's

Password Generation Rules

These are the rules you need to follow when you generate any kind of password

General5 To-Do's

Brewing Espresso

Checklist we follow for brewing amazing espressos ☕

General13 To-Do's

Checklist Checklist

The naming conventions, rules to follow and things to remember before suggesting a checklist.

General4 To-Do's

Improvement Checklist

Do you think you have a better way of doing a checklist? Go ahead and let us know!

Checklist Categories

Project Management

10 Checklists

They manage the team and act as a bridge between designers, developers and frankly, everyone, with the additional help of these checklists.


9 Checklists

These checklists ensure that we have standardized both visual design and user experience design principles.


9 Checklists

We keep it simple and smart, and these are our checklists mainly used by our front-end developers.


7 Checklists

Our marketing checklist is to help supporting our good work by its communication, and has everything marketing team uses for our marketing efforts.


4 Checklists

Server related, data-driven and API based checklists that help making our products of hard work stay steady.


4 Checklists

We love to automate things and have also checklists for that.

Human Resources

4 Checklists

Cabin crew, slides armed and cross check! Here are the checklists to make sure everyone in the crew is happy.


2 Checklists

Connecting people by covering all the processes from mobile development to roll-out the application.